Letter from the Administrator

I would like to introduce Andrew Powell, Marketing Director as employee of the month. Andrew took on the position over a year ago and not only has he mastered the position he has consumed it with great passion.

When a new resident is becoming a part of the University Park/Arbor Heights family Andrew assures that the welcome and transition is smooth. Often you find Andrew going over and beyond by driving two hours to pick up a resident’s C PAP machine, or assisting them getting personal items from their homes, or will rum to the store for a treat, etc. If you have been admitted to the facility in the past year then you have experienced the fantastic job Andrew has done and is doing every day. Andrew is a cyclone fan and enjoys fishing, hunting, and golfing.

As a reminder, please reach out to the business office with any questions related to the upcoming Managed Care changes going into effect on 7/1/19

Thank you,

Terry Cooper, Administrator

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